About Us

Our dog park is under the stewardship of Friends of Western Gateway Dog Park, a non-profit 501(c)3 California corporation. It is comprised entirely of volunteers who have created and continue to maintain an enjoyable meeting place for pets and their owners in and around Penn Valley.

Back in 2008, the Western Gateway Park and Recreation District approved plans to build a dog park on the abandoned horse arena grounds inside Western Gateway Park.  Since that time major funding for capital improvements has been received from the Bear Yuba Land Trust (Al Salter Fund for Animals) and the McBeth Foundation. 

We have a current memorandum of understanding with the Western Gateway Park Board to maintain everything considered to be part of the dog park, and they in turn will continue to provide the dog waste bags, handle trash removal, and maintain the restroom facility.  They have also agreed to help us with other matters where possible.

We only receive minimal funding through county taxes, so future improvements and maintenance will rely heavily on volunteer help, association memberships and private donations.  That is why we need your annual support.

If you enjoy coming here, please tell your friends.  We always like to see new faces and happy dogs!


Current Board Officers - 2021

        President - Jeri Stone
        Vice President - Thorgrun Odden
        Treasurer - Joanna Fahey
        Secretary - Jeri Stone (temporary only) 
        Directors - Will Barclay, and Sarah Hatten
        Directors - Hannah Williamson

Current Board Officers - 2021

President - Jeri Stone

Vice President - 

Treasurer - Joanna Fahey

Secretary - Jeri Stone (temporary only) 

Director - Deena Governor
    Director - Hannah Williamson



Board Meetings

Board Meetings are normally held quarterly at Buttermakers Cottage, 6 pm.

The date will be posted on the bulletin board and our facebook page beforehand. Everyone welcome!

If you want to attend a meeting and have a request or concern for the agenda, please include that information on our Contact page to allow time for discussion during the meeting. Thank you.

Volunteers Needed

We are actively seeking members who have some extra time to help us in the following areas:

  • Advertising/Publicity

  • Become a Board Member - Secretary

  • Fundraising/Event Planning -  Hannah Williamson and Deena Governor 

  • Photography

  • Website & Facebook Updates - Jeri Stone

  • Workday Help & Oak Grove Maintenance (1 hour per month) - Linda Denton, Leland Gilmore, Darrell & Kathy Hendricks, Kate & Rick Heuer, Judy & Bob Hobert, Judy Kenney, Steven & LaDonna Lynch, Julie Meyer, George & Donna Tilley

Contact us If you would like to volunteer or have questions